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D5 Ranch

The D5 Ranch in 1994.

The D5 Ranch is located just north of Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan. It is currently owned by Diane and Joe Borschowa. In the next few years it is going to be taken over by Russ and Jackie Borschowa. Right now Russ and Jackie live on the Evan's Ranch that is just east of the D5. This website was created by  Russ and Jackie so some of the pictures have been taken at the Evan's Ranch. Most of the animals are still at the Evan's Ranch but in less than two years they should be all moved to the D5.

Black and Blue, our team of Clydesdale Percheron Crosses


Interested in what our ranch life is like? Look here to see some pictures of us and our animals. Keep looking because I plan on adding more pictures all the time.

Arab mare grazing in a snow fall.



Created by the Borschowa family.

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