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D5 Ranch
JR Rabbit Ranch

Mini Rex Buck
This is Owen. He is an Opal mini rex buck.

Right now we are just getting started with our rabbits. I saw so many that I liked and I couldn't help but start big. One of my favorites is the Mini Rex. Right now we just breed pet quality, we are not into showing at this time. We are hoping to soon get some Flemish Giants to add to our collection. The biggest help we have had so far has been from Cherylee At Top OF The World Rabbitry . She has sold me some beautiful pet quality rabbits. Without her I wouldn't own hardly any pedigreed rabbits. She has very nice holland lops and mini rex rabbits, and she does have show quality if you are interested in getting into showing.

Pictures of our Rabbits


Mini Rex Rabbits

Mini Lop Rabbits

Holland Lop Rabbits

Holland Lop Doe
Lit'l Mystic was purchased at Top of the World Rabbitry

Rabbit Names


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