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My Grand Champions
1995 Horses

This is Stormy Skies, Grey Willow and Abracadabra. I got each one separately when I was young. Stormy Skies originally had English tack. But he has since lost it!


This is Dixie Fantasy and Starfinder! Thanks Sarah!


HOLY BASKETWEAVER! This is a NICE family! I am SO proud to own them! I love black horses. I have owned Shadow since he first came out. I have been DYING to get his parents ever since! And I finally got them, from two differnt sellers on ebay! YAY! They are morgans, one of my favorite breeds, I even named my daugher Morgan. Couldn't have a girl named Clyde! LOL! Well anyway the stallion is Spark'O'Courage and the mare is Steppin' Out or Velvet Twilight, depending on what you feel like calling her. With this pair I find it odd that the stallion has a dull finish and the mare has a shiney one. You can see that in the picture. Also you may notice that Shadow has a broken leg. Did I do that to him?? Yes I did. He was a victim of my childhood. I love him anyway.


This is Dancer and Missouri Bell. They are both Missouri Fox Trotters. I got them together on Ebay.


This is the thoroughbred stallion Foxcroft, purchased on Ebay.


This is Indian Summer! Isn't he pretty! I love appys! I purchased him second hand.


This is a Thoroughbred foal named Lucky. I purchased him second hand.