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My Grand Champions
Grand Champion Names

Grand Champions Names


Well, where can I start. Hummm........Well first of all my count of all the regular sized Grand Champions to date is 223. That is including sound stallions/mares, foals, families, horses with riders, parade horses and blue ribbon horses. This does not include minis, micros, FNN and action horses. My count could be a little off, but I think it is is pretty close. Now you would think that a any person..could come up 223 different names that would be good for a horse. Well, that is not the case with the people who make up Grand Champion names. It just drives me nuts that they have quite a few horses with either exactly the same or very similar names. For example.


Shadow------this one drove me nuts as a kid. I only had a few foals and two of them were named Shadow. Shadow the Appaloosa and Shadow the Morgan. They were both out around the same time. Sheesh.


 Majesty----that is the name of the chestnut Tennessee Walker stallion and the Cleveland Bay stallion.


Hot Fudge----that is the name of the bay morgan stallion and the frederiskborg sound stallion.


Sultan and Sultan Pepper-----these names are just too close for my liking and both horses are arabs!! They are the names of the Arab stallion in the horse and rider set and the arab stallion in 96.


Princess and Princess Bay---These are both names of bay mares. The bad thing is they look very close to the same horse and are in the same pose only 2 years apart!!


Lucky and Born Lucky ----Both names of foals only a year apart. At least they look different and are different breeds.


Midnight and Midnight Magic---not too bad, different years, differnt poses, but they are still both black stallions!


Another thing that drives me crazy is all the Gold in Grand Champions. Someone who names them really has gold on the brain! Here they are in no particular order.

American Gold

Golden Sunshine

Heart of Gold

Golden Bolt

Gold Dust

Golden Bloom

Golden Glory

Sunday Gold

Red Gold

Liquid Gold

Turkish Gold


 That is a LOT of GOLD! And yes! Most of them are palominos 



Then there is all the Ladies. Like..

Dixie Lady

Silver Lady

Foxy Lady

Lady Blackstar

Lady Trooper

Lady Fair

Lady Janice

Lady Jessica

Lady Grace


There is also a lot of Snow


Snow Patch


Snowy Knight

Snow Queen

Snow Mane


And what about Lass.


Playful Lass

Aladins Lass

Lovely Lass


What about titles for men like


Mr.Chip (at least he is the only Mr. that I know of)

Sir Triston

Sir Blitzer

Senior Poncho

Senior Speedy

Senior Valador


Oh and one more that is kinda bad -----Dixie Doll and China Doll both out in the same year!



Okay I am done complaining about names now. As most of you know the foal is often named after the parents. I tried not to include them in this when that happened. Naming a foal after the parents is fine with me. Sorry if I made any mistakes in this list. I am making it half asleep.


Hey! Do you like what I did to this page?? I tried a new thing. I don't know why I didn't try it before. If I ever get time I plan on making all the pages as pretty as this one!