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My Grand Champions

My Grand Champions collection started when I was about 12. I was on my way to a riding camp for the first time in my life. I didn't own a horse and had hardly ever rode one before. On the way up to the camp we stopped to visit some cousins of mine. They had a horse there and they offered to let my sisters and I have a little ride. They were just going to lead the horse around. I insited on going first. I climbed up and before I even sat down the horse bolted and bucked me off. I ended up breaking my arm. I wasn't able to go to camp then of course. My grandma felt so bad that she took me shopping to buy me a toy horse. That is when I found Grand Champions for the first time. My Grandma bought me Spot'O'Silver, Snow Queen and Shadow. I was hooked! I kinda regret playing with them so hard! My first Grand Champions are not in that great of shape! It wasn't long before everyone I knew was buying them for me for my birthday and Christmas. I got about 35 of them new between 1993-2000. In early 2003 I discovered them on ebay! Now my goal is to get as many as humanly possible!! At this time I really only collect traditional size Grand Champions. But I do have a few mini's and micro mini's.

My entire GC collection in their own china cabinet! Behind glass where they belong!


This is Black Beauty!
He doesn't seem to fit into
a group so I will leave him
out here! I think I got him
in 1995, but I can't be sure.

Contact me!!




Right at this moment I am only buying. If you have some for sale let me know. I will pretty much buy anything in decent shape. I would also LOVE tack and bio cards! Soon I hope to have a for sale/trade page. If anyone is interested in looking at my ranch (a real one! lol) just click below! I have lots of pics of my horses and other animals.